ONE Fair invites you to discover, imagine, and bring home earth-friendly solutions for a greener life.

Home Show . Community Stage . Film . Food . Family Fun

- Showcasing the finest products & services for all your Green Home Improvement needs 🌱
- Meet face to face with the professionals providing the solutions for a greener future 🌱
- Incorporate sustainability into everyday life; practical, affordable, and easy 🌱
- Discover simple and easy ways to nourish our Hudson Valley 🌱

On Display:

Solar, electric vehicles, permaculture, agriculture, passive home building, design, shipping,
power sourcing, architecture, reclaimed-source products, interdependence,
conscious connection, hope, and much more

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Our Mission:

To strengthen the economies that lead us toward a sustainable future.

To promote the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices, making the Hudson Valley New York’s Renewable Energy Capital.

To provide the public with information and access to sustainable technologies and practices, reaching out to all residents of the Hudson Valley.